TAM FIOFORI has been in professional photography since the early seventies; having studied photography as part of his training as a filmmaker in the United States of America and Sweden. A member of the pioneering generation of independent indigenous filmmakers, he established his film company SUN ARTS: BEP in 1974 specialising in the genre of Documentary films. As a photographer he has also specialised in the genre of Documentary photography with special interest in Culture, Sports, Current Affairs and the Environment. He has been an advocate of full-frame available-light photography working mostly in the 35mm format with celluloid black & white, colour transparency and colour negative film stock. He now occasionally works in digital photography. Some of the major events he has covered include FESTAC 77, ECOWAS Games 77 Lagos; Africa Football Cup of Nations 78 Ghana; Africa Football Cup of Nations 80 Nigeria; All-Africa Games 78 Algeria; African University Games 78 Kenya; All-Africa Table Tennis Championships Republic of Benin; All-Africa Handball Championships Angola; Coronation of Oba Erediauwa of Benin Kingdom 79; Presidential Campaigns 79; Argungu Fishing Festival and 1st World Athletics Championships 83 Helsinki, Finland. His photographs have been extensively published world-wide and, he has also participated in numerous solo and group photography exhibitions world-wide. As Nigeria’s pioneer and foremost photojournalist he has published [with his text and photographs] Nigeria and the All-Africa Games 2003; A Benin Coronation: Oba Erediauwa 2011 and a forthcoming Frames of Photography in Nigeria. He directed and co-produced the Documentary film J. D. Okhai Ojeikere: Master Photographer 2013 and is the owner of the Sun Arts Niger Delta Photography Bank.