Israel Ophori

Israel Ophori

Women and Children of Oporoma

The camera is just a tool to capture some resilience images of the Ugly situation which the women and children of this region is passing through.

I use Oporoma, which is the Local head quarter of Southern Ijaw Local Governments Area in Bayelsa state in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria as my case study


Oporoma is the second place where crude oil was found  in the year 1958 after Oloibiri.

The women and children do most of their domestic activities in the stream where they take their bath, defecate and still use the same water as the only source of drinking. The women strive hard to assist the home to make sure that the children go to school with limited resource.


Children are in a fragile developmental stage of human life owing to their inquisitive nature, attitude to learn and the fact that they are dependent on their environment to provide their need.


Niger Delta is Located on the southern part of Nigeria. It covers 70,000 square kilometers and makes up 7.5% of Nigeria Land mass.