Gbemile Oluwatosin

Gbemile Oluwatosin


Agriculture is life as far as living is concern and Oil palm production is one of the most important ingredient of food supplement that cannot be neglected nor relegated.

However, this project was done in Ikoyi Community, Ikire, the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, IITA, Ago Owu, Osun State, and this is was they do for a living.

Oil palm takes great part and parcel of the food process

I literally documented this agricultural process in a form of art in other to appreciate our economy activities, especially in this era when the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Mohammad Buhari said during his inauguration May, 29, 2015, we should go back to farming. Also, to show why we must be involve in the agro-business. While carrying out this project I discovered that palm kernel in general is being used for further production of other useful products.

Oil production had been long time been of important phenomenon in Nigeria localities.

Through the oil palm is used as medicine for treating ulcer and stomach ache, cough for adults and children.