Emeka Mbaebie

Emeka Mbaebie


This project was based on throwing light on the hunting culture in Nigeria. Hunting is a way of life and part of our culture,
mankind from the from the begining of time had always made a living from this profession before civilization took over most of our cultural practices.
During the stone ages, it was mandatory to hunt for food or starve. It’s a profession developed by our great ansestors and passed on to us and i belive it should continue to trive.

As much as hunting should be allowed to trive, it should be controlled. I did this project with wildlife conservation in mind because i strongly belive in letting the wild animals trive as well.
If we hunt all the animals to extinction, what’s going to be left for the future generation of hunters to hunt? nothing. It is very important to respect nature and the ecosystem.
I believe that the best way to control hunting is to put a restriction on the hunting on the breeding months of most of these animals. this way their population is always replenished which is a win for both the hunters and the ecosystem.
Some species are very rare and probably endangered, these ones should have a total ban on killing them.
The hunting community can also be enlightened on the importance of conservation by the appriopriate ministries and agencies cos they need to know and can help the government if they care to conserve our ecosystem.

The hunting profession puts food on the table for so many nigerians. I did this project in the Ago Ibowu, Ogun State where the hunter lives and Epe Lagos State where the bushmeat market is located.
From my observation, the bush meat business in this area is good business as long as the hunters keep supplying the animals the killed to the market on a daily basis.
I think this business should continue to thrive as long as serious and concious measures are taken towards conservation and enlightening the community and the people involved because its for their own and everyone’s future.

in the chambers of their homes.