Anthony Monday

Anthony Monday


In today’s multicultural society where influences from popular media reinforces the fact that the world has become a global village, the subject of identity, personality, and religious preferences is slowly becoming understated in order to accommodate the point of view of others.

This diplomatic posture often leads to a generalization, repressing the need to express one’s strong belief to others. However, the windshield and dashboard of vehicles are serving the purpose of rekindling the flames of identity as owners of Lagos yellow buses, popularly known as­  “Danfo” and tricycles in the metropolitan city of Lagos paste symbols, pictorial posters, and mementoes to express their innermost beliefs while peacefully coexisting with others who may have conflicting views.

This symbols and posters may include the picture of their favourite music icon, a revered religious leader, a world-class footballer, the logo of their favourite football club and also symbols of religious articles.

This project intends to document the unconscious drive at self-awareness through the use of dashboards as platforms that expresses the opinion of the driver and how the windshield serves as a window to see beyond the purpose it serves, but a glass of identity with the backdrop of the fast growing mega city of Lagos.