This special exhibition, is the second of its kind and is the product of the 2nd (2019) annual 3-month Creative Photography Masterclass held at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) Ogba, Lagos.
The Photographs in this exhibition IDENTITIES IN RESILIENCE are part of the final project of the participants in the 2019 Creative Photography Masterclass.

Choosing a theme for a still photography documentary project is never an easy task as the options are always many. Successfully executing the chosen project is also always a big and demanding challenge. This challenge is more daunting especially when it is an assignment to conclude participation in a 3-month Creative Photography Masterclass Workshop.
The major thrust of the Creative Photography Masterclass is its emphasis on training participants in the skills of visual storytelling.
The exhibiting participants from 2019 class have approached their projects in this manner of visual storytelling. Based on the age-old adage that one photographic image is worth a thousand words; the photographs in this exhibition collectively tell and celebrate the dignity of labour as well as highlighting work place conditions, facilities and attitudes. These are fascinating visual studies of working men and women, that evoke social commentary from the viewers.

Women working as labourers is a common sight at construction sites. Igho Ogbobine presents another dimension of women doing manual work. Her study is of women in a quarry in Kwara state engaged in the strenuous, tedious and dusty work of wielding
hammers to break large stones into smaller pieces.

Oluwabukunola Adesanwo highlights an aspect of curbing plastic pollution by documenting the efforts of a woman, who collects discarded plastics and then takes them to companies that recycle them. She is in turn rewarded in cash and kind.

Oluwatosin Adebisi presents a study of the Hijab which is a definite and obvious statement of identity; saying I am a devout female Muslim. In addition, the visual study highlights the reality that the hijab is also a sartorial statement expressed in the
various colours and styles of wearing the hijab.

The acrobatic nature of the sport of cheerleading is visually documented by Chukwuka Tolulope Obu showing the rigours of keep-fit training and exercises that are needed for excellent performances.

Anthony Monday presents a visual travelogue around Lagos through the perspective and view of a tri-cycle driver as well as decorative symbols and signs in the tri-cycle space itself.

Tam Fiofori
Patron of the Creative Photography Masterclass