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Oluwabukunola Adesanwo

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Oluwabukunola Adesanwo Money in the cycle of nuisance; Plastic pollution; Save the environment.[The Plastic Menace] Plastic waste is littering almost every street, state, gutters, canals, drainages, walkways,  including the beaches, just to mention a few.  This is very threatening.  Accumulation of plastics in the environment  is fast increasing by the day to the point where they create problems [...]

Igho Ogbobine

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Igho Ogbobine Beyond sweat and stones.   Sitting under trees, hammers swinging in different directions, with stones flying around, the women of Ogele (WHERE?) break rocks in the Quarry for survival. They work endlessly from dawn to dusk only to end up with 4,600 Naira once in every 4 days. Their only tool are hammers with handles [...]

Chukwuka Tolulope Obu

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Chukwuka Tolulope Obu The Cheer Leaders of Lagos   In March of 2016 Lilian Obieze, was motivated to bring together a group of young women and men to champion the bid of cheerleading as a competitive sport in Lagos, Nigeria. Among the cheerleaders includes Hassana, a salsa dancer, now a flyer in the senior team that combines [...]

Ayomitunde Adeleke

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Ayomitunde Adeleke THIS ABILITY This  project  is carried out to show the challenges , achievement and positive impact  of the physical challenge and special people inclusive in  rigorous fields of life that require people with normal physique and health to participate in  Nigeria, for example Sports, teaching , administrative roles, Public offices and so Globally, people with disabilities [...]

Anthony Monday

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Anthony Monday A DASH OF IDENTITY In today’s multicultural society where influences from popular media reinforces the fact that the world has become a global village, the subject of identity, personality, and religious preferences is slowly becoming understated in order to accommodate the point of view of others. This diplomatic posture often leads to a generalization, repressing [...]

Adebisi Oluwatosin

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ADEBISI OLUWATOSIN Hijab Fashion Hijab Fashion  centers on the Hijab as a fashion  item that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves because of some some global stereotypes that have led to the Hijab being perceived as a limitation  to the beauty of  women. However, some women have embraced Hijab and have been able to make it suit [...]