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Toju Eyesan

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Toju Eyesan BRAIN WASTE The European commission defines brain waste as the non-recognition of the skills and qualifications acquired by migrants outside of the EU, which prevents them from fully using their potential. It is a situation where professional migrants, usually from under developed countries, take up unskilled employment in more developed countries to earn a source [...]

Samuel Dickson

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Samuel Dickson Buffed It is quite common these days to see muscular men with big chest, arms and thighs, who look intimidating, mean and unapproachable to some people, but attractive and good-looking to some others. These men commonly known as bouncers work as security personnel in a number of capacities. Bouncers have been part of our society [...]

Obue Peter

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Obue Peter THE CHILD AND EDUCATION SYSTEM My project is to show visually the state of our education system, particularly our foundational education. The primary/secondary school which determine a child’s future and development. In achieving  this I took a sample of schools, using images of a particular school to make it my reference point. [...]

Leke Dipe

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Leke Dipe Sunday Look The photo story themed: "Sunday Look" tells the story of people's fashion styles in religious spaces. When people attend religious functions, they generally pay attention to how they dress and groom, some even attempt to make a fashion statement. Social status is a great influencer. Many affluent worshippers dress to reflect their net [...]

Israel Ophori

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Israel Ophori Women and Children of Oporoma The camera is just a tool to capture some resilience images of the Ugly situation which the women and children of this region is passing through. I use Oporoma, which is the Local head quarter of Southern Ijaw Local Governments Area in Bayelsa state in the Niger Delta region of [...]

Gbemile Oluwatosin

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Gbemile Oluwatosin PALM OIL PRODUCTION Agriculture is life as far as living is concern and Oil palm production is one of the most important ingredient of food supplement that cannot be neglected nor relegated. However, this project was done in Ikoyi Community, Ikire, the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, IITA, Ago Owu, Osun State, and this is [...]